90s Lyric Challenge was created at a friend's game night. The realization? There was no pick-up-and-play trivia game for adults to challenge each other on music lyrics. We also realized as we ate our cheese balls, drank our jello shots, and danced the Macarena. We still LOVED the 90s. And with that moment of hazy cheese fuelled clarity, 90s Lyric Challenge was born.

What's the lowdown, what makes it special?

It's easy to play, chock-a-block full of lyric questions across loads of types of music, and is downright fun. Who says you can't play it on a road trip, after dinner, or while rollerblading? Ok, the last one may be a stretch but if you do. Let us know, we're intrigued!

Why do we love what we do?

The 90s was like no other decade. Wanted to grab a song on the radio? We had fingers fast as lightning to press record on the cassette deck. In love? We created mixtape CDs for our secret crush. Ah, the joy.

Describe your game in 3 words.

Fun. Nostalgic. Bonding.